Welcome to the BCC Foundation Scholarship database. This is the page to “Sign Up”. If you haven’t created a user account, then you may “Sign Up” as a user at any time, but you can only apply for scholarships when there is an active application available. You will only need to “Sign Up” once. After that you will use the “Sign In” link.

You must be a registered BCC student to create an account because you will need to sign up with your accessBCC email address. This email address will be assigned to you as part of your registration process. It typically consists of your first initial, last name, and random number, plus the suffix bristolcc.edu, i.e. jdoe15@bristolcc.edu.

Then you will have to create a password which has at least eight digits and includes an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, and a number. Upon signing up, you will receive a confirmation email in your accessBCC account or BCC work account to confirm your identity. Please follow the directions in the email to confirm your account. Once you have confirmed your account, you can begin accessing the system.

The application for scholarships for the 2018-2019 academic year will be available starting March 1, 2018. The application deadline for students planning to enroll at BCC for Fall 2018 or for students planning to graduate from BCC in June 2018 and attend a four year college in Fall 2018 is April 30, 2018. Please note, we do not have scholarships for current BCC students who are enrolling at another college in Fall 2018 without graduating from BCC.

Before completing the scholarship application, you must complete your registration process for Fall 2018. Answer application questions based on your Fall 2018 enrollment. If tuition and fees will be waived by the College, you are not eligible to apply for and receive a Foundation Scholarship through this scholarship process.

The scholarship application requires you to write an essay. We strongly recommend that you write your essay in Word or other word processing software that includes spell check and grammar check functionality. We recommend you have someone else proofread your essay before you complete it. Once the essay is completed, use the copy and paste function to enter your essay into the scholarship application.

Note: If you are serving as a Reference or Reviewer, you do not need to sign up for an account. Please refer to the invitation email you received or click on trouble signing in.

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